insideBIGDATA: Hiring a Chief Data Officer? 5 Must have/Must-Avoid Skills

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I was asked to share an article I recently published in insideBIGDATA.  You can go to the article:

Hiring a Chief Data Officer? Here's 5 Must-Have and 5 Must-Avoid Skills:


In my travels in the corporate world I have seen one common theme: Most organizations are trying to figure out how to be more like Amazon, Uber, and Google. All three organizations have flipped our worlds upside down and we aren’t going back. The secret ingredient these organizations have is “DATA INNOVATION!” In order for organizations to make this transition they have to start thinking about DATA as a core asset of the company.

Unfortunately, data management and governance has played a secondary role for most organizations. Let’s be honest here: for the past 20-30 years most CIO’s and CTO’s were focused on cost avoidance rather than innovation. This is a mistake and we need to flip this around and rethink innovation.

So what is the way forward?  The answer is building a Data Office and investing in a Chief Data Officer (CDO). But, finding a CDO is not easy. And, generally, organizations should NOT recruit the CIO or CTO types to run this office. In my experience, there are some key qualities in a CDO candidate that you should seek out, and some you should avoid.