Machine Learning Engine

Machine Learning Engine

Teradata Machine Learning Engine

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Analyze Anything, Deploy Anywhere, Deliver Analytics that Matter

Teradata Vantage includes a machine learning engine that allows data scientists to write powerful and highly expressive machine learning functions. Teradata also provides over 180 prebuilt analytic functions to transform, prepare, analyze, and visualize multi-structured data to address a wide number of business use cases, such as customer churn, path to purchase, marketing attribution, product affinity, fraud, marketing optimization, and more.

A native graph processing engine for graph analysis identifies and measures relationships between people, products and processes. Prebuilt graph analytic functions make it easy to solve complex business problems, such as social network/influencer analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, network analysis and money laundering.

As automation increasingly drives business, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become essential to help enterprises scale to compete in the digital, cloud-based, data-driven world. But as that scale increases, so does the sheer volume of data. Only Teradata Vantage enables AI and machine learning to scale and deliver timely, actionable answers faster across an organization. This, in turn, feeds a stronger return on investment across the business.

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