Teradata UDA AppCenter Deployment Scenarios?

Teradata AppCenter
AppCenter is a framework to build, share, deploy and consume big data apps for self-service analytics and discovery for the business community.
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Teradata UDA AppCenter Deployment Scenarios?

The various ways in which AppCenter will be deployed to a customer. The repo in use in all these examples is https://github.td.teradata.com/appcenter/installer

## Deploying to vSphere/ESXi, Single-Node Deployment Mode
1)Teradata produces an OVA (aka OVF template) with all setup scripts and container images baked in
2)Customer creates a VM from the OVA
3)Customer logs in using the default username and password
4)Customer runs setup and answers the prompts
5)Customer creates a DNS record for FQDN that points to the VM's IP
6) Customer browses to https://{FQDN}
7) Customer logs in to AppCenter UI as the default user

NOTE: At any time after this, should the VM restart, Customer doesn't need to do anything else. AppCenter will automatically re-run after VM reboots.

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Re: Teradata UDA AppCenter Deployment Scenarios?


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Hi, a couple of questions also from my side:


1) When creating the VM from the OVA does one need ALL the modules (Viewpoint, sever manaement, etc..) or can stick only to the Database OVA in order to have the AppCenter running?

2) Does the Teradata Express have the AppCenter installed?