BTEQ import not reading and displaying data completely

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BTEQ import not reading and displaying data completely

Hi guys,

I have problem with below  import bteq script. its not displaying complete out put from the below query in the script. the query is displaying two records when ran from teradata sql assistant with ci_id values ='7264'  and mbr_id value = 00009582554 like this

ci_id         MBR_ID          ENTR_ID                         

               00009582554  163987 

7264                                175532             

the output of the bteq script:

 *** Query completed. One row found. 3 columns returned.         

 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.                            

ci_id       MBR_PFL_ID      ENTR_CNSM_ID                         

             00009582554     163987      

 *** Finished at input row 1 at Tue Apr 21 03:05:15 2015         

 *** Total number of statements: 1,  Accepted : 1,  Rejected : 0

The input file testdatafile.txt also has the same record like this 

$ cat testdatafile.txt 

7264 00009582554                      

bteq << EOF 

.LOGON tera1/lid3o0p,change14

.IMPORT vartext '{tab}' FILE = '/p01/app/tenv1/phs/unload/dat/testdatafile.txt' ;


.set titledashes off;

.set recordmode off;

.set indicdata off;

.set format off;

.repeat 5     

USING (CIID char(10), MBR_ID char(14) )

select cast (MBR_ID as char(14)) MBR_PFL_ID ,cast('  '  as char(10)) CIID, cast(ENTR_ID as char(19)) ENTR_ID   

from CE550B.V_MP_XREF

where cast( MBR_PFL_ID as char(14)) in  (cast(:MBR_ID  as char(14))) 


select  cast('  ' as char(14)) MBR_PFL_ID,cast (CIID as char(10)) as  CIID, cast(ENTR_ID   as char(19)) ENTR_ID   from CE550B.V_CI_XREF  

where  cast (CIID as char(10)) in (cast(:CIID as char(10)));



the script is not displaying the complete output . it should display the same output that was generated from SQL assistant (2 records) could you please help me on this .please suggest me if i need to modify any things in script.