Fast load failure with return code 12

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Fast load failure with return code 12

Hi All,

Recently we have upgraded from Teradata 14 to 15 since when we have started encountering an error in one of our fastloads.

The issue is we have a variable length file which is delimited by tab.

This file has few records which end with \ (back slash) and continue on the next line. Earlier with Teradata 14 it used to ignore these records and had processed the fast load with out any failures. But with the new version, the fast load fails with return code as 12.

VARTEXT is defined as vartext " " in the fast load.

The warning message we see is "Warning, too few columns".

Noraml record -

abc def ghi jkl mno pqr

Error record -

abc def ghi\

jkl mno pqr

Could you share your valuable inputs to resolve this issue? 

Teradata Employee

Re: Fast load failure with return code 12

look up on the fastload documentation for: