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Query banding & TWM

Does anyone have experience implementing "Query Banding" on "ADS Generator" or "TWM"?

ADS Generator uses ODBC Connections and every analysis executed by users are executed in a different session.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Re: Query banding & TWM

 Sorry, yestarday I found that they have added support for "Query Banding". 

See Page 6 in document : "What's New in Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.3.4".

Query Banding Support (for Teradata 12 or later)

The application has been upgraded to add support for the Teradata Query Band feature.

The Query Band definitions:

  • ApplicationName is set to TWM
  • ClientUser is set to the Teradata User Id
  • Source is set to the user project being executed

(Note that Query Band information is supplied only for SQL statements executed by an analysis, not for maintenance or operational queries such as saving a project.)

Web: http://sharepoint.teradata.com/eng/twm/default.aspx

Source: http://sharepoint.teradata.com/eng/twm/Downloads/TWM_Whats_New_534.pdf

Re: Query banding & TWM

Is this product 'ADS Generator' still in use in TD14 and later ? We are planning for upgrade.