Substring Function in Teradata Studio

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Substring Function in Teradata Studio

SUBSTING function is giving error in Teradata Studio which was working fine in Teradata SQL Assistant.

My Query is like this : SEL SUBSTRING('ABC',1,2)

I do not want to use SUBSTR instead of SUBSTRING as it involves making changes in a lot of Queries. Please suggest a work around for this issue.



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Re: Substring Function in Teradata Studio

Hi Anirudh,

there's probably no workaround, SUBSTRING('ABC',1,2) is a ODBC SQL extension, which is automatically replaced by the ODBC driver with valid syntax if Disable Parsing in the ODBC driver's options is not set.

Studio uses a JDBC conection where this is not available, so you must replace it with either SUBSTRING('ABC' FROM 1 FOR 2) or SUBSTR('ABC',1,2)