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I am using TTU 15.00.00 and tried to export a teradata table into a FLAT FILE. I had no issues for some tables. But, I had the below error while extracting the data to a delimited flat file.

TPT_INFRA: TPT02638 : Error conflicting data length for column  (10) XXXX . Source columns data length (16) Target column data length (8).

When I analyzed the source, the XXXX had the data type DECIMAL(19,0). The target is a flat file which will be generated on succesful execution.

I used the TPT template jobvars to pass parameters and qstart with DEFINE JOB qstart ( apply to operator ($FILE_WRITER)  SELECT * FROM OPERATOR ($EXPORT));

Requesting help on this....


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Re: TPT 15.00.00

This question belongs in the TOOLS forum.

You need to supply the MaxDecimalDigits parameter for the export operator. (The default is 18 digits.)