Teradata Mload error ; Segmentation fault core dump

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Teradata Mload error ; Segmentation fault core dump

I was running a etl in Dmxpress which is using Custom_Mload.sh script to update a target table.


I was getting the ollowing error when the infobat script is run.

36372782 Segmentation fault(coredump)


Custom task has failed with return code 99.


THe custom mload script has

mload < $1_Mload.sql > $1_Mload.out;



I had removed all the source data in the cource .dat file and Ran the script.


THe .sql has:

.logtable prod_error_db.LOG_Fact_tgt;

drop table prod_error_db.WT_Fact_tgt;
drop table prod_error_db.ET_Fact_tgt;
drop table prod_error_db.UV_Fact_tgt;

.begin import mload tables EDWPBS_staging.Fact_tgt worktables prod_error_db.WT_Fact_tgt errortables

prod_error_db.ET_Fact_tgt prod_error_db.UV_Fact_tgt errlimit 0 sessions 8 sleep 6 tenacity 10000;

.layout filein;
.field col1 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col2 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col3 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col4 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col5 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col6 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col7 * VARCHAR(30);
.field col8 * VARCHAR(30);

.dml label updates;
Update EDWPBS_staging.Fact_tgt

Var_C_End_Amt = CAST(:col1 AS DECIMAL(18,3)),
Var_C_End_Cnt = CAST(:col2 AS INTEGER),
Var_C_Othr_Amt = CAST(:col3 AS DECIMAL(18,3)),
Var_C_Othr_Cnt = CAST(:col4 AS INTEGER)

D_Sid = CAST(:col5 AS INTEGER) and
P_DW_ID = CAST(:col6 AS DECIMAL(18,0)) and
EOR_Log_Date = CAST(:col7 AS DATE) and
Log_ID = CAST(:col8 AS CHAR(4))  ;
.import infile /etl/src/Fact_tgt.dat format vartext '|'
layout filein
apply updates;
.end mload;



Please help