FastExport utility missing for Teradata on AWS

Teradata Database on AWS

FastExport utility missing for Teradata on AWS

We have subscribed to Teradata Database Enterprise Edition on AWS Marketplace.The database version is 15.00.

Although we have the other utilities like Bteq,Mload installed but we could not find any FastExport client(Fexp).


Is the FastExport Utility missing from Teradata Enterprise Edition on AWS or this is a problem with the installation?


Teradata Employee

Re: FastExport utility missing for Teradata on AWS

Fastexport does not come pre-installed on the image but the Linux and Windows Client software packages should be available on your image under:


You should see the following packages (your versions will probably be different than mine:


SMP001-01:/var/opt/teradata/TTU_pkgs # ls -l
total 734492
-rwx------ 1 ec2-user ec2-user 221043137 Dec 21 16:57
-rwx------ 1 ec2-user ec2-user 102429801 Dec 21 17:30 TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__Linux_i386-x8664.
-rwx------ 1 ec2-user ec2-user  37156769 Dec 21 17:29 TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__MACOSX_x8664.
-rwx------ 1 ec2-user ec2-user 390724487 Dec 21 17:31


Then you can copy the Windows version to a PC and install Fast Export and Client utilities there if you like. The other option is to upgrade your image with the Linux version of the client packages.  Here is how to do that based on the file names above. Yours may be different so make sure you are using the file names on your system:


SMP001-01:/# mkdir /var/opt/teradata/swupgrade-source

SMP001-01:/var/opt/teradata/TTU_pkgs # ls -l TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__Linux*

SMP001-01:/var/opt/teradata/TTU_pkgs # cp TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__Linux*  /var/opt/teradata/swupgrade-source

SMP001-01:/var/opt/teradata/TTU_pkgs # /opt/teradata/TDput/bin/swupgrade -U


Autoput will run and install Fastexport and any other missing client package on all of your nodes (in the case that you have more than one node).


Caution!!! Note that PUT will restart the Teradata database as part of the install.


I tested this in house launching a new image and the fastexport install failed because the version of fastexport was too old. I reported this to enginering to fix. Also, contains the latest software packages, but in my case I discovered it too had an old version. If you run into that issue let me know and if you do not hear back from me the same day then open a Support ticket at If you do not have an AWS siteid you can register here: