How to add PEs

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How to add PEs



I'm trying to deploy a TPA Node on AWS, which has PEs 2 and AMPs 24 in defaut. And I'd like to only add PEs (2->4),

Could I increase PEs  with the command "tdc-scale-out"? if so, Could you please tell me the procedure in detail.



Tetsuya Fujita

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Re: How to add PEs

Hello Tetsuya,


Teradata Database Scale Out and Scale In features will work for Base, Advanced, and Enterprise tiers only. Developer tier is not supported. Scale out and scale in supports only EBS data storage. When scaling in or out, The database capacity and AMP count does not change. The number of AMPs gets redistributed evenly across the instances.


Scaling out an TD system on AWS by 2x or 4x will increase the number of PEs. For your system, which has got 2 PEs, scaling out will result in 4 PEs.


To check whether system can be scaled out or not run below command.


:~# tdc-scale-out -d


Below is the procedure to scale out the system.


1.) Stop the database.


:~# tpareset –x –y "stop for scaling out"


2.) Verify the database is in a DOWN/HARDSTOP state.


:~# pdestate -a



3.) Enter one of the following commands to start the scale out process:


:~# tdc-scale-out 2x

Doubles the current node count. For example, if the current system has 4 nodes, the scaled out system will have 8 nodes.


:~# tdc-scale-out 4x

Quadruples the current node count. For example, if the current system has 4 nodes, the scaled out system will have 16 nodes.


4.) Enter yes. When the process completes, the new configuration appears under Current Configuration.


5.) Check the database status. Both PDE and DBS should be up and running.


:~# pdestate –a

DBS state is 4: Logons are enabled - Users are logged on


6.) Display the Teradata system configuration to confirm the number of nodes is correct.


:~# tdinfo


7.) If you are using Teradata DSC to run jobs, type the following command on all Teradata Database nodes to update the configuration of the media server.


:~# /etc/init.d/clienthandler restart-hwupgrade


Please refer to latest Teradata Software for AWS Installation and Administration Guide at


Thanks & Regards,




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Re: How to add PEs

Hi Abhijeet-san,


Thank you for the detailed explanation. It is very useful information!



Tetsuya Fujita

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Re: How to add PEs



Executing the command "tdc-scale-out 2x", the following list is displayed.

I'd like to only add PEs "2=>4", but this command is going to add CPU, Mem and Node.

Could it apply only for adding PE Count?




        Node Count:   1 => 2



                 CPUs/Node:  40 == 40     CPUs Total:   40 => 80

                 Mem/Node: 164 == 164    Mem Total:   164 => 328



                AMPs/Node:  24 =>12        AMPs Total:  24 == 24

                PEs/Node: 2 == 2               PEs Total: 2 => 4






Teradata Employee

Re: How to add PEs

The "tdc-scale-out 2x" will increase the CPU, Memory, Node and also doubles up the PE count. It can't be used to just increase the PE count.

As of now there isn't any feature just to increase the PE counts on Teradata Database running on Cloud Platforms.