Issue in configuring DSC

Teradata Database on AWS

Issue in configuring DSC



Background :

We spun up DSC and Viewpoint server from AWS marketplace. Then we gone ahead and updated respective IPs and hostnames in Properties files present in /etc/opt/teradata/dsa


-rw-r--r-- 1 dscuser root 1224 Jan 20 2018
-rwxrwxrwx 1 dscuser users 2214 Jan 31 15:51 client.ts
-rw-rw---- 1 root users 3204 Jul 26 15:03
-rw-r--r-- 1 dscuser root 4421 Jul 26 15:36
-rw-r----- 1 dscuser users 2874 Jul 26 15:41
-rw-r----- 1 dscuser users 6502 Jul 30 15:21
-rw-r----- 1 dscuser users 6502 Jul 30 15:21
-rw-r----- 1 dscuser users 2874 Jul 30 15:21



I restarted  ClientHandler , DSC and tdactivemq couple of times and started it back.



When I configured system in Bar Setup (viewpoint).



Teradata Employee

Re: Issue in configuring DSC

Have you added the Teradata system to Viewpoint?


Refer the Teradata® Data Stream Architecture (DSA) Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers - extract below


Configuring Viewpoint and BAR Setup You must enable and add BAR portlets to several Teradata Viewpoint portlets before you can configure the BAR portlets for running jobs.

1. Enable BAR portlets for the role and for Viewpoint access. You can set BAR administrator privileges for any Viewpoint role in Roles Manager. You can set access to the portlet in Portlet Library.

2. Add a Teradata Database system to Viewpoint portlets. You must add and enable a Teradata Database system in Monitored Systems to make it available in the BAR Setup, BAR Operations, and Viewpoint Monitoring portlets.

3. Set up the systems and nodes from the BAR Setup portlet. Nodes are configured through autodiscovery. You can view the information but not edit it.

4. Media servers are autopopulated with default BAR NC port 15401 and IP address. Edit if needed.

5. Configure a backup solution: • Disk File System • DDBoost Server • AWS S3 Account • Azure Blob Storage

6. Configure target groups for backup. The target groups must be mapped to the correct backup solutions.

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Re: Issue in configuring DSC

Under DSC Server > Systems and Nodes > You should see the DSC repository and your other Teradata systems.

Was DSMAIN restarted on the Teradata system?

Other thing to check :-
- RSG Vprocs are required for DSA functionality. Were these configured?


Abhishek Jadhav

Re: Issue in configuring DSC

dsmain was restarted as well as other services on DSC.



I found an issue with DSC.PROPERTIES file , here was automatically getting updated to "ip-172-31-16-185" when I changed it back to the value that we need (which is TD-DSU-1), dsc came up :

ip-10-8-248-141:/etc/opt/teradata/dsa # dsc
Data Stream Controller Command Line
Connected to DSC version

A command line utility to backup/restore data from one Teradata system to configured media

dsc command [options]
dsc command -f|-file parameters.xml
dsc command [options] -f|-file parameters.xml

command Name of the command to be invoked.
options Command-line options.
parameters.xml Name of the parameter file containing parameter settings that required for each command.


The problem now is , in Bar setup , DSC is disabled its not getting enabled at all. 

Re: Issue in configuring DSC

Hi my250032,

We had the same issue as OP (original poster) and we are prompted to update system password when we click on "Update" tab under systems. We are just follwing the notes from Teradata manul. Can you give us links for what notes you are referring to?



Re: Issue in configuring DSC


"RSG Vprocs are required for DSA functionality. Were these configured?" - Is this step documented in AWS Install manual?

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Re: Issue in configuring DSC



RSG Vprocs are present by default as of RDBMS 14.10, so unless you are upgraded a system prior to 14.10 that did not have RSG Vprocs configured you should already have them automatically.


Most common way to check is to use vprocmanager, a slightly more obscure way is to run the tdinfo command and look for type 4 vprocs. 


As to the orginal issue having problems adding a systems to DSA usually comes down to networking or name resolution of the DSC and/or the system TDPID.