Stop and re-start a TD AWS instance

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Stop and re-start a TD AWS instance

Is it possible to stop an AWS TD instance and restart it again with up an running DB.

When I try TD DB is no longer responding. Is the DB file system deleted once the instance stops - I get a "all data will be deleted" messeg when I stop the instance...


Re: Stop and re-start a TD AWS instance

You might be using Teradata Database EBS instance. Here is what I can see from AWS Documentation.

Instance Stop and Start (Amazon EBS-backed instances only)

If your instance fails a status check or is not running your applications as expected, and if the root volume of your instance is an Amazon EBS volume, you can stop and start your instance to try to fix the problem.

When you stop your instance, it enters the stopping state, and then the stopped state. We don't charge hourly usage or data transfer fees for your instance after you stop it, but we do charge for the storage for any Amazon EBS volumes. While your instance is in the stoppedstate, you can modify certain attributes of the instance, including the instance type.

When you start your instance, it enters the pending state, and we move the instance to a new host computer. Therefore, when you stop and start your instance, you'll lose any data on the instance store volumes on the previous host computer.



Probably a snapshot of Instance can help in retaining data. I will give a try and update more on this.

Following links may help

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Re: Stop and re-start a TD AWS instance

Hi cr255015,

yes, just saw it also in the documentation. 

So this is the choice to be maid - keep the DB / data but pay for the EBS storage or start always from scratch. 

Will try the EBS option next ;-)