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Teradata on AWS

Hi ,


Our management has decided to move to Teradata AWS .


Currently we are using TD 14.


As i m new to this , i would like to know whether it would be hadoop supported distributed system where the teradata would be mounted. Can anyone give me an insight whether hadoop plays a role in when we talk about "Teradata on AWS" . Do we need to know the concept of Cluster,data node,edge node,name node .. etc  .


If yes can you please share the name of the document/orange book to know about "Teradata on AWS" ?




Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata on AWS

Hi Deepak,

"Teradata on AWS" is similar to "Teradata on Prem". This will not have any Hadoop Component. However, it can be configured to read/write data to Hadoop via QueryGrid.

Please search for "Teradata Database on AWS Getting Started Guide" in google to find our Manual.


Teradata Database Enterprise Edition on AWS has below components:

• Teradata Database 15.10 on Linux SLES 11 SP3

• Parallel Upgrade Tool

• Teradata Active System Management

• Teradata Data Stream Utility

• Teradata Parallel Transporter including the Load, Update, Export, and

Stream operators

• Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata-to-Teradata, Teradata-to-Teradata Aster,

Teradata-to-Hadoop (HDP, CDH, and IBM BigInsights), and Teradata-to-


• Teradata REST Services

• Teradata Server Management

• Teradata Studio

• Teradata Tools and Utilities

• Teradata Viewpoint, not including Teradata Data Lab


If you do not want to manage cluster, nodes etc, it would be better go with "Teradata IntelliCloud™". Please review more details. https://www.teradata.com/Products/IntelliCloud