How to connect to my Azure instance using SecureCRT

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How to connect to my Azure instance using SecureCRT

How to connect to my Azure instance using SecureCRT

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Re: How to connect to my Teradata on Azure instance using SecureCRT?


This procedure assumes you have SecureCRT installed.


To configure SecureCRT for connecting to your Teradata Database on Azure instance.


Part 1:
1) Open SecureCRT New Session Wizard
2) For SecureCRT protocol, select SSH2, click Next
2) For Hostname: Enter the IP address of your Azure instance. (provide steps to determine IP address), Port: Enter 22
4) For Username: Enter the username you entered when creating the Azure instance, click Next












5) For SecureFX Protocol: Select SFTP, click Next
6) For Session name: Provide a unique session name or leave as IP address, click Finish














Note: This completes the New Session Wizard and the window will be closed.


Part 2:
7) Under Session Manager/Sessions, right-click on your newly created session, select Properties.
8) Under SSH2/Authentication, select PublicKey option (ONLY), click Properties
9) In Public Key Properties, select 'Use global public key setting', select 'Use identity or certificate file'
10) Click browser to locate your public key (xxxx.pem) file. The xxxx.pem file is created when you launched your instance.

Note: To generate a ssh key, please refer to

11) Click 'OK', and 'OK' again to complete your Session Options configuration.















12) Go back to Session Manager, double-click on the new created session to connect to your instance.