Cannot update VMware tools or mount a CD drive - Teradata Express

Teradata Database on VMWare

Cannot update VMware tools or mount a CD drive - Teradata Express

Hi everyone, 

Recently I downloaded Teradata Express 14 (TDE for VMware (4GB)) and I was able to:

- Easily mount an ISO image on the CD drive

- With some try and error migrate the VM to VirtualBox


Now I have to do the same with the TDE SLES 11 but it does not work.

I am not able to see the CD/DVD icon on the Desktop any longer and when I try to mount the image using the VMware player --> VM Settings --> Hardware --> CD/DVE (IDE) --> Use ISO image file, nothing happens.


VMSetting-mountCD.PNGMount an ISO Image


 I think it is related to the SUSE version, the SLES 11 seems to have another Gnome version as the SLES 10.

When I upload an ISO it should be mounted automatically, like with the TDE 14. I could not find also the CD in the mnt or media folder.

Before I spend more time learning Linux (What I want to learn is Teradata), I would like to ask if anyone of you already faced this problem before.

At the end, because of security policy (or some other dark reason) we are not able to use VMware and we are only allowed to use VirtualBox. I need to unistall the VMware tools and install the VirtualBox equivalents (VBox additionals). 

Any comment will be highly appreciated  Smiley Very Happy

Kind regards, 


Kind regards,
Paul Hernandez