Error: No template file was selected.

Teradata Database on VMWare

Error: No template file was selected.

We were trying to deploy the 16.10 image using vsphere 6.5 and when selecting the files in the downloaded package, the following error occurred: 



Teradata Employee

Re: Error: No template file was selected.

Just to clarify, you are trying to downlaod the Developer Tier (Free Tier) of the latest TD 16.10 Template from:

Is that correct? In my Browser running IE 11 As soon as I clicked on the link that says
"Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier - Database Template for 16.10 " it started downloading and my computer was asking me if I want to save this file. Try another browser or another comptuer to see if you get the same error.

By the way once you do get the template downloaded please follow this KCS article to speed up your deployment by following:

Also note that Vsphere 6.5 has not been tested and is not officiallly supported. It may work, but you also may run into new errors. It is best to deploy using VSphere/ESXi 6.0 or 5.5.


By the way this is the screen shot I am looking at are you looking at the same place when you are reporting your issue?