Issue on post-deploy scripts

Teradata Database on VMWare

Re: Issue on post-deploy scripts

Hello I am bringing some screen captures to show up what is going on. I tried to deploy all over again, run the configure step again, and we are mostly sure that there are flaws out of our control. The pictures are a bit out of order, but they are described below:

1) GDO files on the /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig dir
2) vcponfig.vdo file (we got messages complaining about this file)
3) result of lsblk command
4) TVAM utility output
5) Error reported on the configure step of tdcdeploy
6) DNS settings on /etc/resolv.conf
7) DNS settings on YAST
8) errors on 1st boot
9) pdisktosd errors on 1st boot


We are giving up, we did spent too much time on something that is just not usable and should be kept only for Teradatas´s internal use. We are customers and really liked to test TD 16 before deploying it for real to check some site specific UDFs and configuration options (.net integrated authentication in example). We will reach our local TD support team for another options of a sandbox environment.