Fortran needed on Teradata Express 14.10 VM (SLES11-SP1)

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Fortran needed on Teradata Express 14.10 VM (SLES11-SP1)

Downloaded the image "TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z" (TEVM) and ran it under VMware fine; well done for the good work.

In my project, a package needs to compile Fortran code, so I need a fortran compiler. To this end, the fortran compiler gfortran is available as part of the GNU gcc through a gcc-fortran RPM component. Alas, I noticed that the gcc43 package that was preinstalled in the TEVM image lacks the gfortran component gcc43-fortran. To install the related gfortran RPM, the dependencies demand that the Teradata-related packages are removed first. This is not a viable solution, unless anyone might know how I could get a hold of the bynet, ssde, and the several more Teradata RPM packages that are in conflict, so that I remove them temporarily, install fortran, and reinstall them.

Alternatively, I tried to install a different gfortran package by installing a later gcc version; e.g., gcc47 and gcc47-fortran. However due to the Teradata dependencies, I could not remove gcc43 nor shift usage to the gcc47 compiler. Consequently, the gcc47 components (and gfortran) were not visible to the system and I dropped this option, too.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.



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Re: Fortran needed on Teradata Express 14.10 VM (SLES11-SP1)

Update to using Fortran in the specified virtual machine:

Went to the G95 project at webpage, got and installed G95 successfully; problem solved.