Pbm when restoring a database to Teradata express 15.0 VMware

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Pbm when restoring a database to Teradata express 15.0 VMware

We have to restore a small database containing some reference tables and big views to last version of Teradata 15.0.07 to see if our most complex SQL is still OK with this version of Teradata.

The database is coming from a TD 13.1. As usual, when restore complete, a warning says to execute the post_data_restore script.

We have 2 issues

1 minor : usual place for the script is empty./opt/teradata/tdat/tdbms/ does not contain post_data_restore. This script exists in /opt/teradata/PUTTools/td15.xx.xx.xx/IUMB_scripts/  

2 when we use the script in XXXX/IUMB_scripts, it finally fails with an error like

DSA_FATAL_ERROR:ERROR! System command execution failure 127 [/usr/pde/bin/vconfig -x > /var/opt/teradata/PUTTools/post_restore_15.00.00.07/post_restore_pt_vconfig.out.5.15620]. 

looks like the tool vconfig is missing in the vm   ...

Is it a real issue ? We have some partition tables that need to be rebuilt (error when using them is 'table header has invalid partitioning') . looks like we can fix the issue with some REVALIDATE PRIMARY INDEX. But we do not know if :

   a the initial error was because of the failing post_data_restore

   b  REVALIDATE PRIMARY INDEX is really enough to work properly

   c if something else must be done to fix the database

Any advice ? Any plan to fix the vm ?