SUSE Date/Time & Teradata-ntp

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SUSE Date/Time & Teradata-ntp

I'm running on a Windows 7 64bit host with an i7 processor for the SUSE 10.1 VMWare guest running TD Express.

For reasons that are beyond my interest the guest has horrible time drift.

/etc/init.d/teradata-ntp is provided on the SuSe guest and ./teradata-ntp start does the trick to get time in

the ballpark.  However when I do the date command on the guest, the date & time is correct, and the timezone is

also correct (PDT).  But when I execute select current_timestamp the answer is in UTC.

Per Linux:

s10-1310:/etc/init.d # date

Fri Sep 30 09:22:02 PDT 2011

Per Teradata:

Current TimeStamp(6)

9/30/2011 16:22:20.030000+00:00

(The seconds difference between the two times is me).

Are there any issues with having teradata-ntp run at start up?  I'm curious since someone went so far as to not install generic NTP, but did install teradata-ntp but didn't automatically initiate.