Teradata Express VMware 13.0 practice data

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Teradata Express VMware 13.0 practice data

First off, it appears that I posted my previous posts in the incorrect forum -- my apologies. I was aiming to get some guidance on how and where to get the practice data that comes with the Express download, as well as some info on where to utilize the tools and utilities. 

Here is my post from the other forum (that was miscategorized): 

Hey guys,

I'm brand new to these forums, so it's great to meet all of you. I'm here checking out the Teradata Express version 13.0 for VMware. I've loaded it up and got it all running, but I don't quite see or understand how to load the practice data that supposedly accompanies the download. 

If anyone has any insight into this topic, I'd sincerely appreciate the assistance. Or if you can just point me to some articles here on the community, I'd appreciate that, too.

Also, is there a schema associated with this practice data that I can reference? I'll be attempting to generate some queries via the tools and utilities -- as well as using many of the other tools and utilities (http://www.teradata.com/tools-and-utilities/) with this practice data. Also, if any of you guys have any references that you found especially useful in helping you to learn how to use these tools and utilities, I'd appreciate the links to those articles. I look forward to coming up to speed on Teradata.

Overall, I'm just hoping to get up-to-speed on applying the tools and utilities to a good-sized practice dataset. 

Thanks for your help.