Trustworthy cloud computing service?

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Trustworthy cloud computing service?

Hi everybody.

I’m a dj and music producer from Germany. I’m producing my music working on my home studio, but sometimes – during I’m on tour – I need to re-edit some samples or make  a remix for  other artists. Last year I had had a really serious problem with my harddrive, it’s easy to imagine: somebody who danced at my dj set in a club spill a drink on my PC. I couldn’t restore my files… It was a disaster for me! So I’ve decided to get known sth about cloud computing. I've found this forum about Teradata but my close friend told me about Comzetta…  I’ve seen it’s not so expensive, but my question is: can I trust this solution? Do you have already some experience with it?

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Re: Trustworthy cloud computing service?

Whaw!!! hope you will call me for a party once :) kidding

It is better to do more rounds of reviews before you give your stuffs to someone's else hands.It depends on you.

It has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can see the link below too. I have huge amount of data too, but hesitant to store there :).

Few points are : go with the ones with best customer care and near you, since in the event of any issues cropping up, they will care for you. I always go with the near and dear ones since it makes life less miserable.

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Re: Trustworthy cloud computing service?

This forum is specifically for Teradata and we can only comment on any other service based on our personal experience.

How much data-size are you talking about here?