Getting to Value: Introducing Aster Analytic Solutions

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

Big data.


Throw in “cloud” and you have perhaps the most hyped technology buzzwords so far in the 21st century.

Buzzwords are great for helping establish a market and providing media and analysts with a few high level terms to rally around. But it’s time to move beyond the buzz. It’s time to deliver rapid business value.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Aster Analytic Solutions.

After years of selling and implementing Aster as a “do-anything platform”, we noticed that there were several core use cases upon which a significant percentage of our customers consistently focus. These use cases often require that we integrate data from similar sources and leverage a handful of the same analytic techniques.

So we thought, “Why should everyone start from scratch on these common use cases?” Our Aster Solutions team has created templates for each of these use cases so we can now implement them more efficiently and effectively. And with Teradata Aster AppCenter, line of business users can execute the solutions via a simple application interface on demand.

All of this means you can get rapid business value delivered in the deployment option of your choice – on-premises, in the cloud, as a service – without being distracted by any hype about big data, analytics, or cloud.

Here are the solutions we already deliver:

If you’re already an Aster customer and not using Aster to support these use cases, we urge you to consider moving some of these applications to Aster. And if you’re a considering an easy way to get your foot in the door, so to speak, on big data analytics, consider leveraging one or two of these solutions. From there, we guarantee you will only find more and more ways to deliver business value with Aster.

– The Teradata Aster Solutions Team