Hey Retailers, Omni-Channel Paths Are Now The Norm

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

For retailers, omni-channel journeys cannot be an afterthought. In fact, research shows that multi-channel customer paths are the norm.


In fact, 70 percent of US smartphone users who bought something in a store first reviewed information on their mobile phone, according to research earlier this year. That mobile research includes search engines, retailer websites and applications and non-retail websites and apps.


Many companies struggle to integrate data from so many sources. Think about all the data you need to combine to get a clear picture of how your customer interacts with your brand in the example above. You’d have to join:

  • In-store purchase data
  • Logs from your website(s)
  • Logs from your mobile application(s)
  • Partner and third-party marketing data


Your customers also may search and comment on social media, so don’t forget that. If they subscribe to your email promotions, you probably want to integrate data from their campaign responses. And maybe you are doing a good job tracking more traditional retail marketing campaigns such as direct mail, so you have good data around that too that you can integrate.


If your head is spinning, don’t worry – I have good news. With the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface (which can be implemented standalone or as part of the Aster Customer Paths Analytic Solution), any business user can intelligently navigate multi-channel paths. Just pick an event of interest, choose whether you want to see all paths leading to or following from that event, adjust a few other parameters, and voilà!

Building a multi-channel path analysis with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface 

Building a multi-channel path analysis with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface.


Sure, there is integration work to do up front, but this is the type of work Teradata has become an expert at over the past few decades. The great part is that with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface, technical wizards are no longer the gatekeepers for such multi-channel path and pattern analysis. Any business user with a most basic understanding of the underlying data can explore paths within the interface to understand how customers move between channels such as your brick-and-mortar stores, websites, mobile applications, and more.


In fact, we are so confident that you can quickly gain value and insights from the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface that we recently launched an offer to implement the interface for $35,000. If your business team wants to get up to speed fast on understanding how multi-channel paths affect your business, send me an email at ryan.garrett@teradata.com.