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The text that your customers share when they chat online, post on social media, or call your call centers provides important context about their experiences as they traverse their so-called customer journeys.


Historically though, path (or journey) analysis and text analysis have been distinct domains. Valuable, yes, but difficult or impractical to do in concert. There has been a dearth of tools that could enable you to investigate text in the context of the journey or path from which it came.


That changes today. Yes, you can analyze text and paths together. It’s not only practical and powerful – it’s extremely easy!


The screenshots and copy below walk you through the new text functionality built into our Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface.

Highlighting a path to view text records

First, you click to “Highlight a Path” and then “View Text Records.”

Viewing the text records of an event.

In the Text tab, events or nodes that contain text are filled in orange in the path at the top of the page. The page also contains a table that displays customer ID’s, time stamps, and the text of the record.

Filter the results by ID or term.

You can filter the results by ID or term, and move between events that contain text.

Highlighted terms

If you filter by term, the term is highlighted in the resulting records, which should help you get through your analysis a bit quicker.

Top tokens for a path

You may want to check out the “Top Tokens” tab to identify some keywords for filtering.


Hopefully the images and workflow above show how easy and powerful this contextual text analysis can be. As a user, you will feel like these text capabilities are seamlessly integrated into your path analytics with the guided analytics interface.


If you’d like to learn more or see a demo, please feel free to send a note to

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We have a new video demo of the text capabilities within the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface. Check it out at Video Link : 1082 and let us know what you think.