Test Drive Teradata Visual Customer Paths Today

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

Every analytics vendor steps into the conference room prepared to mesmerize you with an arsenal of PowerPoint decks and data sheets. And almost every vendor's slides, videos and messaging look and sound very similar to the last... especially when you have already heard the pitch 5 times.


Teradata Visual Customer Paths is running in the AWS public cloud RIGHT NOW. And we invite you to take it for a no-hassle test drive. This is not slides or videos or messaging. This is hands-on, in-your-face business value. And no hounding by pesky sales folks while you take it for a spin. We'll hand you the keys and and then check back with you in a few days.


To sign up for the test drive, just fill out the form at Teradata - Path Analysis or contact Ryan Garrett.  We all know there is a night and day difference between the promises of slide-ware and the reality of getting hands-on with technology. Many vendors claim they can let you do self-service path analysis. But not every vendor can hand you the proof. We can.