Understanding Customer Satisfaction Across All Touch Points

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

Are your customers satisfied?

It sounds like a simple enough question. But the answer is harder to come by than we may like to admit. After all, the number of channels through which you engage your customers has exploded in recent years. Understanding satisfaction is no longer as simple as reading a smile when they visit your brick-and-mortar store.

Aster’s customer satisfaction index (CSI) solution helps telecommunications companies, financial services providers, insurers and other companies dynamically gauge customer sentiment as your customers move across a variety of channels. The CSI solution runs on the Aster analytics accelerator, so you can leverage all types of data about your customers and their usage of your products or services.

Our guided development interface lets business users build simple or complex event-based rules to modify satisfaction scores on a regular basis. In the background, the solution leverages path analysis, sentiment analysis, behavioral clustering and other analytics, but you don’t need to write a line of code.

With Teradata Aster AppCenter, you can easily operationalize the CSI insights and expose them to anyone in your organization via integration with business intelligence tools, CRMs or other solutions. The results can also be used to find opportunities for operational improvements within your organization.

So maybe our question – are your customers satisfied – is simpler to answer than first suspected.

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