Watch Now: Splunk+Aster Insider Threat Demo

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

When speaking to prospects of our we often hear references to Splunk as a landing place for various enterprise logs. Splunk's search processing language is great for searching through vast amounts of logs in specific contexts and creating dashboards for visualizing aggregations, and it is a tool used daily by analysts within the Security Operations Center (SOC).

With our new Aster + Splunk integration, we enhance Splunk's current feature set with Aster's advanced analytic capabilities (e.g. path and pattern, text, graph analytics) and enrich the datasets for analytics by joining with static data typically contained in relational databases like Aster.'

Our new 8 minute demo video uses Splunk as the end-user, interactive interface for digesting results of Aster's behavioral threat and misbehavior subpattern detection analysis. This example workflow not only prioritizes your security resources, but also identifies specific action items for your security analysts to investigate. For a live version of the demo, please contact or

Video Link : 1019