Watch Now: What’s Missing In Your Net Promoter Score?

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Traditional customer satisfaction metrics must evolve. I had the pleasure last week of joining my colleague Charles Fournier on the webinar “What’s Missing In Your Net Promoter Score?

Charles has a wealth of experience with customer engagement, satisfaction and effort analytics. He was at a large U.S.-based telecommunications company when NPS was gaining traction last decade, and he also worked on many of the companion analytics developed alongside NPS.

While many companies have found value in NPS and related metrics, one point Charles emphasized multiple times is that these metrics need to evolve. Companies need to look at new ways of leveraging multi-channel data to understand whether a customer is satisfied at any point in their lifecycle, whether or not that customer is responding to surveys.

Rather than put words in Charles’ mouth, here’s a direct quote from the webinar.

“We now have an ability to actually understand the journey of a customer while it’s happening and actually see the behaviors and the (implied) sentiment of the customer and track it.”

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the webinar live, here is the on-demand replay. And if you haven’t had a chance, to check out our Customer Satisfaction Index Analytic Solution, which lets you dynamically calculate customer satisfaction scores based on data from all your customer touchpoints, check out this demo.

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