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Teradata Guided Analytics
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Teradata Guided Analytics

Looking Glass

Teradata Guided Analytics has leveraged our collective field experience and expertise in building a suite of Analytic Solutions aimed at addressing specific business problems. We currently offer the following solutions:

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

A customer satisfaction solution should not only tell you how your customers feel today, but also how they got there and what actions they are likely to take tomorrow. Traditional methods of measuring satisfaction rely on simplistic survey-based approaches. Teradata Aster's Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) solution brings together all of your data from all of your sources to dynamically construct, reveal and evaluate each step of every customer journey.


  • A simple but powerful GUI interface to build rules, score customers and evaluate results.
  • Aster's analytic workflows designed to create an accurate rule set for customer scoring.
  • A scoring execution engine that uses event-based, sentiment-based and path and pattern-based rules.
  • Result data sets and visualizations designed to produce quick, valuable and actionable insights.

On-site Search Optimization

Consumers rely on Search more than any other tool on your site, yet 30-40% of searches perform poorly and under deliver. With competitors just a simple tap or click away, you cannot afford to let these potential customers get away. Optimizing On-Site Search using Aster Solutions has increased both revenue and average order size and has lifted conversion rates by as much as 25%.


  • Aster's proprietary analytic workflow designed to produce optimal Search Results for each and every Search action.
  • Result tables and visualizations designed to produce quick, valuable and actionable insights accessible by both business and technical users.
  • Machine ready output for consumption by your existing indexing engines to quickly operationalize these insights and produce a learning system.
Insider Threat

Hackers make the news when they successfully breach a network, but the bigger threat comes from authorized users: 58% of data breaches originate from Insiders. Put Aster’s Insider Threat Solution in place to detect anomalous and suspicious behavior across all of your various network activity logs. Our relational data repository can span multiple point solutions to give a comprehensive perspective and illuminate malicious insider behavior.


  • Path and Pattern Sessionization to detect comprehensive patterns of activity that would be undetected by any point solution.
  • Detection of Incongruous / Illogical user behavior along multiple dimensions.
  • Detection of suspicious network activity relative to established policy or baseline norms.

Healthcare Analytics Bundle

Healthcare's complexity and costs are escalating at alarming rates. Aster's Healthcare Analytics Bundle lets you capitalize on all the available data to help you optimize your efforts. Whether you are a provider, an insurance company, a pharma company or a government agency, you can leverage our big data analytics to inform all aspects of your business and health provider operations.

Offers Teradata Aster AppCenter Apps Built to Address:

  • Patient Satisfaction.
  • Population Management.
  • Clinical Decision Making.
  • Population Management.
  • Member Recruiting and Retention.

Communications Compliance

Digital messaging offers benefits of speed and ease to every enterprise, but these unregulated tools are increasingly implicated in a range of offenses. A single message can violate company policy just as easily as it violates federal laws landing the company in court and costing millions to defend. Aster's Compliance Solution uses text and graph analytics to reduced case loads by 90% while automating and streamlining the entire workflow of screening messages and attachments.


  • An efficient preprocessing engine to ingest and scrub messages to dramatically reduce noise.
  • Applications with a flexible rules interface to accept your business text and logic for non-compliance.
  • An Indexing engine interface for rapid search and retrieval of flagged messages.

Customer Journey

Your customers leave breadcrumbs across all channels during their journey with you. Your Customer Journey Analytics solution should make it easy to connect those breadcrumbs so you can better market to your customers and improve your operations. With Aster's Customer Journey Guided Development Interface (GDI) and AppCenter, you can visually build journeys on the fly, identify customers who have taken those paths, predict their next steps, and operationalize reporting on key metrics.


  • Visually and interactively explore customer journeys on the fly with the Customer Journey Guided Development Interface.
  • Export customer lists for highly targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Predict customers’ next steps with advanced but transparent statistical techniques.
  • Operationalize insights via Teradata Aster AppCenter.

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations should make your customers feel like you know them. And they should help your bottom line. Whether you are trying to find the best customers for this season's hottest striped purples pants, or you need to move 100 gallons of milk before they expire, Aster's Product Recommender solution helps you leverage advanced analytics on all your data to make customer-centric product recommendations.

Provides the Ability to:

  • Incorporate a variety of customer data, including in-store and online purchases and web browsing data.
  • Make recommendations based on product affinity, customer history, and the history of similar customers.
  • Transparently leverage multiple advanced analytic techniques.
  • Operationalize results via integration into marketing solutions, business intelligence tools and other solutions.