Teradata SQL Engine

Teradata SQL Engine

Teradata SQL Engine

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Analyze Anything, Deploy Anywhere, Deliver Analytics that Matter

Teradata Vantage utilizes the Teradata SQL Engine, which offers a wide range of embedded analytic functions, enabling descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics utilizing integrated data. It is a powerful engine that allows implementation of complex analytics and analytic algorithms without exposing its complexity, through a simple and intuitive SQL language that are widely used and compatible with your favorite analytics tools. We offer a comprehensive approach to information security that includes an orchestrated combination of technology and best practice processes.

Teradata Database, designed for parallelism, is the core of the Teradata SQL Engine. Its patented massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture allows complex analytics workloads to be broken down and distributed to multiple, parallel processes that perform as efficiently as possible. This provides the foundation for Teradata system’s linear scalability, which can start small and scale to an enterprise-level mission-critical analytics system.

With Teradata Vantage, we enable companies to rise above the current analytics landscape.

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