Teradata SQL Extension for Jupyter

Teradata SQL Extension for Jupyter

Teradata SQL Extension for Jupyter

The Teradata SQL Extension for Jupyter provides a SQL kernel and navigator UI extension that allows the user to explore and execute queries on Teradata Vantage

The SQL Kernel Provides

  • • Connection management to add, remove, connect, and list connections
  • • Query engine that uses an embedded Teradata SQL driver
  • • SQL aware notebook with SQL intellisense and syntax checking
  • • Result set renderer that displays result data in easy to read, pageable grid
  • • Execution history that stores execution metadata to recall SQL commands at a later time
  • • Visualization using VegaLite library to display charts, graphs, plots, etc.
  • • Magic commands that provide additional custom kernel options to enhance Teradata user experience

The Navigator Provides

  • • The ability to explore the SQL Engine catalog, regardless of the language you are using in your notebook (SQL, Python, R)
  • • Hierarchical display of SQL object relational model
  • • Column metadata showing data types and indexes
  • • Row Count and Column Distribution menu options

Visit our website at https://teradata.github.io/jupyterextensions/ for more information, usage scenarios, sample notebooks, and download links.

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