Count of working day

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Count of working day

Hi All,


I need to count working day excluding saturday and sunday.

For e.g. There are 5 working days between 17-April-2017 to 21-April-2017.


Now if I run report on 20-April-2017, I should get my count as 4 (counting from 17th April as 1 and so on...) while on 21-April-2017 the count should be 5.


Let me know if you need more details !


Re: Count of working day

Hi Guys, I've got the solution for above query though I'm stuck with another scenario. I'll post it in a different post altogether.

Solution for above query will be 


(weekday_of_month -1)*5 + ( day_of_week -1) as business_day_of_the_month_count

from sys_calendar.calendar
where calendar_date = date;