Exporting a table to another database

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Exporting a table to another database

This is for Studio Express.


Is there a way to directly export a table to another database without going through the intermediate steps of exporting to a PC file and creating a blank table on the receiving database and then "loading" from the receiving table?  For example, I have an Aster table and would like to directly export it (a copy, if you will) to a Teradata database, and the table doesn't exist yet on that Teradata end.

Teradata Employee

Re: Exporting a table to another database

Our Teradata Studio product (vs Studio Express) provides the wizards to help you copy table data between Aster, Teradata, and Hadoop. But unfortunately, Aster to Teradata is not yet provided. You could, however, execute the Aster MR Function called 'load_to_teradata' to move the data from Aster to Teradata. You should be able to execute that from the SQL Editor of Studio Express. I am not sure if the table needs to exist on the Teradata side prior to running the MR.