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Loading LOB with Studio



I'm wondering, if it is possible to load LOBs with TD Studio.

For example I have a lot of pdf files, which I want to load into a BLOB column.

With SQL Assistant it is possible to create a list of these file and use it to load the files (deferred mode).

Is there a similar way in TD Studio?

I tried to use the smart loader, but couldn't get it to work.




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Re: Loading LOB with Studio

You can load your LOB using Studio in two ways:

1) You can create an Insert Statement for the table (there is a short cut menu option in the Data Source Explorer right click menu on the table and choose Teradata>Generate SQL>Insert (Parameterized) Statement.) . When you execute the statement, the Configure Parameters dialog will show an ellipse (...). If you click on the ellipse it will allow you to enter the file for the LOB contents. 

2) You can insert the data using the Table Data Editor. Again it will provide an ellipse to the right of the column cell. Click and it will provide a dialog to Import your file for the LOB cell. 


Both of these options are just one row at a time. However, we are looking to enhance the Load wizard with an option to recognize a file path within the import file and load the contents of the file. Is that more of what you are looking for or is one row at a time sufficient?

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Re: Loading LOB with Studio

I did some further digging. Studio has the option already that if you are loading data into a LOB column data type and the data contains a file path, it will read from the data from the file and load into the LOB column.

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Re: Loading LOB with Studio

Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately single row inserts take too long, if we have a lot of LOBs.


And you're right, the Load Wizard can load LOBs. But only if you specify absoulute paths (relative paths don't work).

Is this correct/intended?

Also it is a little bit strange, that in the Transfer History View this job is in failed status, although all files could be loaded.

I'm using Studio 15.11, maybe this has been fixed in Studio 16.00.