SQL results limited to 500 records

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SQL results limited to 500 records

I am using Teradata Studio as a single environment to run against multiple types of databases. One of these is an Oracle database. I notice when running that type of query, the results show up in a different window titled "SQL Results". There don't seem to be any preferences for this window.

My problem is that when I run a query that should be returning 648 results, it only brings back the first 500 records. If this was just a preview limitation it would be fine but even when I export the results, I am still limited to 500 records. When I run the same query but do a count instead, I get 648 as I expected.

Is there any way to get the SQL Results window to show all the results or at least make them all export?

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Re: SQL results limited to 500 records

Bryan, There is a preference for the SQL Results display. Go to Window>Preferences and open the Data Management>SQL Development>SQL Results View Options and change the Max display row count value.