Smart Loader unable to build table, no error output

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Smart Loader unable to build table, no error output

Working with a very large CSV file, using Smart Loader to load.  Roughly ~400 columns.


Smart Loader succesfully scans the CSV and provides a DDL statement to build the target table.  When I click "finish" to start the job and build the table, nothing happens - the table isn't built, the job doesn't appear in the transfer history view.  I figured out that the table is not being built because the DDL Smart Loader is constructing will allow for rows that are larger than the system maximum (64k, i'm loading to a 15.10 target system).  So Smart Loader is trying to build the table but the statement is erroring out.  However, no error is communicated to the user, so it's very difficult to figure out what is happening.  The software should either be prevented from building faulty DDL or the error should at least be shown to the user.


I ended up copying the generated DDL, changed some large VARCHAR columns to CLOB, building the table and then just using smart load to load directly to the table.  The job executes succesfully.

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Re: Smart Loader unable to build table, no error output


Will defintely look into this issue . To proceed with further investigation on this need your help on the following:

if possible , please provide the CSV data file that you have tried.

Studio Version details.