Q1 HACKATHON MARCH 3-5, - UCSD students and Teradata employees only

Teradata and UCSD Joint Hackathon
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services Hackathon - March 3 - 5, 2017
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Q1 HACKATHON MARCH 3-5, - UCSD students and Teradata employees only




The theme for this hackathon event is Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services. Leverage the complete Teradata product portfolio together with the new voice, natural language and image recognition AWS services, or bring-your-own deep learning and advanced analytics tools. The challenge is to produce smart and valuable solutions for the community using the data you bring. Here is an excellent opportunity to show off your skills in machine learning algorithms and explore the awesome power of Teradata technologies in combination with cutting edge cloud services and open source frameworks.



We will be providing a Teradata Unified Data Architecture environment (Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, Presto) along with supporting services (Listener, Viewpoint, Aster AppCenter, DataMover, Query Grid, Ecosystem Manager, and TDRest) in Amazon AWS so you will not need to worry about infrastructure, just bring your data. In addition, we expect participants to utilize various AWS Artificial Intelligence services (such as Alexa, Lex, Polly, Rekognition, Machine Learning etc.). However, feel free to introduce other technologies if you think there is a good reason for it.



This is a fully sponsored and highly regarded event, that will allow for developmental freedom and creativity either through individual contribution or team collaboration, with the ultimate end goal of creating something for Teradata to use in its product set. Share ideas, work together and have fun. Click here to register! The signup will be limited to the first 100 responders. Attendance is restricted to current UCSD students and Teradata employees only (no customers, partners, or contractors).


Participation (on-site and remote)

Every Teradata employee who participates in this hackathon during the weekend of March 3 – 5 will be granted an adjusted work week, meaning you will be able to take an excused absence on Monday March 6 and Tuesday March 7. Details on changepoint reporting will follow once the volunteers are confirmed. Everybody is highly encouraged to join us at UCSD, however we also support remote participation.

Remember that this is an event open to all skillsets. Everyone has something to offer to a team. You can start your own team or request to join an existing team during the signup period. If you can’t find a team before the kickoff, we will help you find a team during the kickoff.


About AWS Artificial Intelligence Services

AWS offers a family of AI services that provide cloud-native machine learning and deep learning technologies to address your different use cases and needs. Amazon AI services bring natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies within reach of every developer. Amazon Lex make it easy to build sophisticated text and voice chatbots, powered by Alexa. Amazon Rekognition provides deep learning-based image recognition. Amazon Polly turns text into lifelike speech, and Amazon Machine Learning allows you to quickly build smart ML applications. Amazon AI services empower you to focus on defining and building an entirely new generation of apps that can see, hear, speak, understand, and interact with the world around you. Find more info here: Amazon AI — Artificial Intelligence Services - AWS






Time (Pacific)

March 3rd


5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

March 4th


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

March 5th

Finalize presentations/Judging

9:00 AM– 1:00 PM