Error inserting Blobs

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Error inserting Blobs

I have database that is 120MB. In it I have 2 tables. One that is less than 16M and another empty.

That empty table has a blob(3M) datatype. When I insert up to 1.8-9MB in my blob I am fine. However, when I insert just over this I get a "Database out of memory" error when inserting. I know it is not out of memory because I have about 104M left in this database. The box my database is on has untold terabytes of memory. Space is not an issue. I was wondering if anyone else has come accross this or if this was a known issue.

I am checking my table sizes by querying dbc.


Re: Error inserting Blobs

I think I found the answer. The memory is divided by the amount of amps. We have 80 amps, so I can not insert more than about 1.4MB at a time.