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GUI front end ?


I've been using the Teradata SQL assistant for some months, but I've now been charged with finding out the best way to develop some form of "user friendly" front end to the database.

I would be very grateful if some-one could suggest a package that can do this.
Does Teradata have its own front end application development software ?


Andrew Greenwood

Re: GUI front end ?


Teradata does not have a tool for this (unless you're talking about a specific application like CRM), but they partner with Microstrategy, Cognos, Business Objects, and others for this type of access. I would look into those types of packages, all of which use the Teradata ODBC interface.


Re: GUI front end ?

I work in a telco in Australia (I used to work for SPSS a few years back).

We have a Teradata system which we use to analyse mobile phone and land line usage (customer churn, cross-sell etc)

We use Clementine for our data analysis and data mining because it has the capability to automatically generate SQL and submit this to Teradata. It has an 'icon' based UI interface, whereby users configure the 'icons' (called 'nodes') and connect them together to represent the data flow and data transformations that need to occur. Clementine can then convert this into SQL where possible (it can process outside of the dataabse if needed).

The SQL is mostly standard SQL (not many Teradata extensions are supported), but it allows users to construct advanced queries quick and easily. You still need some background knowledge about the database so that you know which tables you should be using. Knowing how the tables are indexed and organised is *very important* for efficient data analysis and (i feel) nothing will remove this issue. With this in mind our Teradata system blasts through billions of rows of data in no time.

SPSS Clementine costs a bit though (prob around USD 200k i guess), so you might have to justify the cost depending on your budget.


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Re: GUI front end ?

There is one tool: DbSchema. Few features : 

- perfect tool for large diagrams and complex schemes. Diagrams will be saved to project file

- manages schema independent from the database. Schema can be deployed on multiple databases, migration scripts can be generated

- schema and diagrams are saved to project file, as XML. You can store this file in GIT and share it in a team.

- relational data browse - a data explorer from multiple tables at a time

- random data generator, data loader

- forms and reports

- schema and data synchronization

- HTML5 diagram image. Is something great, you read column comments per mouse over and the generated image is compact.

- customizable SQL language