MySQL database and Software as a Service

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MySQL database and Software as a Service

Hi all,

We are a young, new company on the market. We are starting to open up new markets in other countries (Europe).

It somewhat is a challenge for us: we can't share our data and mysql database between all our different services. So here is my question: do you think it would be possible to find an ETL program that could work in the cloud?

It would not have to be too complex, but sturdy and working as a Software as a Service.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Re: MySQL database and Software as a Service

So as I understand, what you need is an online database program able to perform ETL tasks, that works in the cloud.

There are a few companies out there able to perform what you are asking. What I could propose is a company called Talend. With Talend On Demand.

This solution is based on the open source Talend Open Studio. You are offered a collaborative platform to work on, meaning that all your teams in different countries will be working on the same database on a secured web service.

Go check it out on the website: . Hope this helps.