SAS Fastload Sleep and Tenacity & SessDalyed

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SAS Fastload Sleep and Tenacity & SessDalyed

I could be a bit vague in describing the scenario but I'll give it my best shot.


Are there any recommendations around setting or otherwise of the 'sleep' and 'tenacity' parameters for a FASTLOAD through SAS when we are on a database version that allows utility sessions to be delayed (SESSDELAYED) rather than just rejected when limit is reached?


We have been facing an issue at a client site for some weeks where the SAS Fastloads appear to end in error (or even finish sometimes) at the client end however they keep on holding the utility slot until they are manually killed.


SAS version is 9.1 and TDBMS is


Could it be the issue described in the following link (though it says its for SAS 9.2)?



Re: SAS Fastload Sleep and Tenacity & SessDalyed

Yes, probably.  I have faced the same issue.  Have not tried SESDELAYED.  May work.  Try it.

I have been using:

proc sql;

create table schema.tablename

(fastload=yes sessions=4 tenacity=1 sleep=6 dbcommit=100000) as



But again it always does not work.   

I would put a ticket in with SAS if you haven't done so already, they may have additional advice.

Please post their response.  I am curious as well.