more info on teradata world

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more info on teradata world

Hello Everyone ,
I am new to the teradata world.I d like to know few things about this.

I know Teradata as a database which can be used to house data in Terabytes.

Want to know the roles around the Teradata.

I guess Teradata production dba are like database administrators for any other databases or different
production databases.

Do we have teradata system administrators like we have wintel , aix and hp unix system administrators or its part of the teradata dba role with root access or its project specific wrt client security standards.

who are the people who usually work with teradata dba.

Are they the below ones like :
teradata application dba , teradata application programmers.Teradata db users.

Also what are the skills required to become a teradata developer or a teradata application programmers

any other job roles in this teradata database world.


Re: more info on teradata world

listed below are the some of the roles on Teradata
1) Teradata Infrastructure group ( these ppl handle the hardware/softare part of teradata rdbms, ex: escon cabelling, gateway, nodes, vprocs,PDE)
2)Teradata DBA ( does the database adminstration , created tables , users, profiles, grantion access previlages etc)
3)Teradata Architect/Designer - these guys are responsible for data modelling stuff
4) Teradata Developers - real workers who work with teradata sql and utilities .

Best way to learn Teradata is through certifications tracks. Please do certifications when you ahve approproate work experience in teradata.