Attempt to connect Export session

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Attempt to connect Export session


Each time I run a fast export script, it raised the error:


**** 10:21:33 UTY8701 Attempt to connect Export session(s) failed
due to the following RDBMS error, code = '2633':
'Too many load/unload tasks running: try again later.'
Will try again in '1' minutes.

so, 1 time per minute during 2 hours approx.

I suppose it depends on the priority of the user I am using to execute, but could I limit the number of attempts? So, I would like it tries 10 times for example and if it doesn't connect, it ends the execution

Now, it is configured in the way .BEGIN EXPORT SESSIONS 7 SLEEP 1; (I don't know whether it is the reason)

Thanks in advance


Re: Attempt to connect Export session


you can specify the number of hours the utility can attempt to logon in case of slot contention using the 'TENACITY' parameter. you can also control the number of attempts made using the TENACITY and SLEEP parameters together.

the default value for tenacity is 4 hrs and it waits for 6 mins (default) or for SLEEP parameter value before the utility attempts to logon again.