Automatic logging ON/OFF for tpump

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Automatic logging ON/OFF for tpump


we have TD12.0 and use a generic load id that does tpump, multi load, fast load, fast export, .....

We have logging OFF for this id by default because logging on tpump is a big overhead. As a result we can't log for non-tpump jobs either.

We want to turn loggin ON for non-tpump jobs only, however we run 1000s of jobs with this id and they run all kind of load jobs.

I heard that in the higher version of TD databse, there's a setting to automatically turn logging ON/OFF depending on load type. So we should be able to set it such that it logs for all non-tpump loads only.

Do you know which lowest version of TD database supports this functionality? What's this feature called?


-srinivas yelamanchili

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