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BTEQ Job Sheduling

Hello Friends ,

I have Senario like,

I have three loading BTEQ Scripts.

1) PRE Scripts
2) Loading Scripts
3) POST Scripts

I have sheduled all these jobs in Sequence order using IBM Maestro job sheduler . But there is a case some times server will be down.

For these scripts , we are getting source ( data file ) from Hyp Business App server every day at 3AM EST. Once if source file arrives into our system Load will start approximately at 3:10AM EST.

Now at this point of time , One day my job has got failed , because we didnt get source file to our server on time... so there is a delay.... & server is also down. But our business people wanted to load the data as usual...

My question is ???

1) Is it possible to write a shell script or any other feature in teradata ,in order to fails the job, needs to keep on waiting for source file , Once if gets then load will start.

2) I dont want to run it manually...

Can any one help me .... thanks in advance....


Re: BTEQ Job Sheduling

Please check your IBM Maestro Scheduler manual...There should be an option to make your job a File Triggered one...I have seen this option in mainframe schedulers..So i am guessing that it would be present in Maestro as well