BTEQ :Multi user login for two tables

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BTEQ :Multi user login for two tables


Could you please help me with the following query? i googled but couldn't get much help regarding this topic.

current syntax that we use:

cat TEST.sql | cat loginfile > BTEQ;

the sql file contains queries like

select * from TDB1.TABLE1;

Now, i wish to access two tables. but both tables cannot be accessed with same login as a security measure. Is it possible to give two login files for the BTEQ query???

TDB1 is accessible using "user1" ID. and TDB2 us accessible using "user2" ID.

consider the query.

select, B.names
TDB1.Table1 A
Left Outer Join
TDB2.Table2 B

please help me providing the correct inputs for BTeq utitlity.

even guidance to the correct thread will do.


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Re: BTEQ :Multi user login for two tables

No, one session is related to one user.

So you need to give the user the right to access both tables.


Re: BTEQ :Multi user login for two tables

@ulrich, Thanks for the clarification.