BTEQ.exe Unable to start correctly

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BTEQ.exe Unable to start correctly

Dear All,

We are facing issues around BETQ.exe version 13.0.0(not very sure as the exe doesnt show in the properties) on Windows 2008 64-bit server.

Below is the error message I got when I try to invoke the BTEQ.exe from console

"Application popup: bteq.exe - Application Error : The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. "

I am looking for BETEQ 13.10 64-bit version exe to start using for my application, couldnt find the download link in here, if someone can provide the link to download is highly appreciable.

Any suggestions on this would be highly appreciated.

For info.

I have below Teradata tools and utilities installed on the server to support BTEQ.

  • cliv2__windows_x8664.
  • tdicu__windows_x8664.
  • TeraGSS__windows_x8664.