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Beginner TPT

Hi, I have a problem when I try to execute a TPT job in command line. The instruction is the following:

12074302@ard090funcap:/data/ds/dwhbar/etl/tmp>tbuild -f

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version

Job log: /opt/teradata/client/13.10/tbuild/logs/12074302-26.out

Job id is 12074302-26, running on ard090funcap

The execution stopped here. I don't know when to see a Log.

Someone can help me??

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Re: Beginner TPT

First of all, you should always upgrade to the latest and greatest patches.

Next, you need to provide the contents of

The .out file is in the directory pointed to by $TWB_ROOT/logs.

You need to run the "tlogview" utility to view the contents of the log.

The best command to run is this:

    $ tlogview -l <logfile name> -f "*" -g

Redirect the output to a file and post the contents of that file.

-- SteveF
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Re: Beginner TPT

Thank u!

I read the log, the error is the following:

TPT_INFRA: TPT01514: Error: Unable to Open File. Error code 2, Reason code 530, Class code 501

No such file or directory

I have tried many times, but the error is the same. I don't know what can I do?

It isn't a problem with the TPT Installation?

The contents of the Script is the following:

DEFINE JOB Prototipo_125

DESCRIPTION 'Paso del Proceso de CLIENTE00 a TPT - Estadisticas y Borrado RJ'


/* ================================================================

Definición del Operador "Bteq"

================================================================ */







VARCHAR UserName = 'dbc',

VARCHAR UserPassword = 'dbc',



VARCHAR ErrorList = '3807' /* Ignore Error: Table not Found */


/* ====================================================================

Estadisticas de las Tablas Destino

==================================================================== */

STEP Bteq_Stats (


('Delete PruebaDiego.PruebaT;')




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Re: Beginner TPT

Yes, it might be an issue with the installation.

Can you post the contents of the directory pointed to by the $TWB_ROOT environment variable?

And make sure you have the proper access rights to the directories (especially the "logs" directory).

-- SteveF
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Re: Beginner TPT

Can you please provide the command you gave to tlogview?

This error:

TPT_INFRA: TPT01514: Error: Unable to Open File. Error code 2, Reason code 530, Class code 501

No such file or directory

means the log file was not found.

-- SteveF
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Re: Beginner TPT

Feinholz, hi:


and Yes, the user has access right to the directories, because when I execute the job, it modify the log in $TWB_ROOT/logs.

Command gave to tlogview:

tlogview -j TPT_STATS_DIEGO-1 -f "*" -g   (In a first question the name's job was 12074302, but modify it by TPT_STATS_DIEGO)

This is the Log:

Public log:

TPT_INFRA: TPT04101: Warning: TMSM failed to initialize

Teradata Parallel Transporter Coordinator Version

Teradata Parallel Transporter Executor Version

Private log PXCRM:

CheckPoint Resource Manager initialized.

Checking whether a valid CheckPoint exists for restart.

I'm not sure if TPT does not find the file Log or The Script. Really I don't know if this is error .

Thank you!

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Re: Beginner TPT

We have never seen this issue before.

Might be a problem with the installation.

Try to install again, and please go to the patch server and download the latest and greatest patches to TPT 13.10.

-- SteveF

Re: Beginner TPT

View the contents of the file $TWB_ROOT/twbcfg.ini. There are two entries in there. One is the checkpoint directory and another is the log directory. User should have permission to write in the directories mentioned in these entries. \


An ideal twbcfg.ini file should look like this:



If the user does not have writer permission to either  "/opt/teradata/client/<version>/tbuild/checkpoint" or "/opt/teradata/client/<version>/tbuild/logs", you will see these errors. 

Whether the above recommendation helps you solve the problem or not, please upgrade to the latest patch version. That is the way to go.

Teradata Employee

Re: Beginner TPT

Thank you.

Finally we re-install the TTU with the last patches, we configure the Environment variables and TPT is launching correctly.

Now, I had other problem: I'm working with DataStage 8.5, and I'm using the TD Connector, but when I try to execute, the job shows the following error:

Error loading connector library

I found the library in two paths and I'm going to set them in the variables: $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and $SHLIB_PATH:

/opt/teradata/client/13.10/tdicu/lib64/gcc_3.x and /opt/teradata/client/13.10/tdicu/lib64

but I don't found the library

My questions are:

For what is usefull the library?

What path it must to be?

Why the library is in two paths?





Re: Beginner TPT

Which version of products did you install ? should be present in /opt/teradata/client/13.10/tbuild/lib directory, not in tdicu directory, unless this is the path explicitly specified (looks like you did mention tdicu as the path to install TPT, during the installation, so that is fine). present in "lib64/gcc_3.x" directory is the binary compiled with gcc 3.x compiler and the present in "lib64" directory is compiled with later version of gcc compiler., is a part of Datastage I think - not sure..

Did you start the ASB agent ?